Writing Resources

Writing Resources To Help You Polish Your Prose and Promote

Writing resources can be the most helpful references you use. Whether you are a fledgling writer just beginning, an author in the throes of developing your plot, or you are published and promoting your opus, everyone needs references to which to turn at a moments notice to find answers. You'll also find a link to my art site at the bottom where it will reside. I have seen quite a few pieces of art picked up and used for book covers.

One such prose reference I found is the Chicago Manual of Style. It is THE reference all publishers adhere to. This mega-volume of information intimidates the best of us. But you don't need to read the whole book. You just need to zero in on what you need to know. They have an easy online reference which you can get to here, and it can lead you deeper into more research if you wish. Here's the easy one:

Chicago Manual of Style

Short Stories Can Build Your Brand

One of the ways to help build your reputation while you spend those long weeks and months writing your opus is to submit short stories or poetry to magazines and various publications. Think how great it would be when questioned if you've ever been published and you can show a list of publications where your shorter pieces have appeared. But this is not only for authors not yet published. Submit your books or chapter excerpts when you get the chance.

One such magazine is WINK which stands for Writers In The Know. This is a new magazine, just started up this year, but Nadia Giordana has published another print magazine for several years prior to this one. She also puts out monthly calls for submissions of writing or art. Think you have something that fits? Check it out.

Are You Ready To Publish?

When your manuscript is complete and you have had it edited, you should be ready to publish. If you wish to seek an agent, of course, you may. If you wish to see your book in print and in eBook soon, Creativia Publishing does a magnificent job. They are totally professional and provide myriad tips for helping your book rise in the Amazon stats. That means sales. What more could you wish for? I encourage you to check them out, but please, don't contact them until your book is complete and edited. There is nothing they can do for you until those steps are finished.

Creativia Publishing

Your Amazon Author Page

Doesn't that sound great - Your Author Page. The right writing resources can help you and make an author page happen for you. If you already have an author page, then you are well on your way and building a good brand.

I offer here my own author page. Notice that the three books at the bottom are old copies. Creativia is republishing all my books. As mentioned in the book pages on this site, they began with The Ka, are ready to promote River Bones, and so on. All of my videos are posted there too. It's so exciting. I wish this type of anxiety for all of you.

Mary Deal Amazon Author Page

Writing Resources for Books Always Includes Cover Art

My art gallery has many photographs and paintings that can be used for book cover art. Everything depends on what you visualize as your book cover, then you search for such a picture. Yes, there are also lots of picture sites on the Internet. They have certain rules that say you cannot change the image but must use it as it is presented. You can place titles and names across the image but never change the picture you purchased. People like myself with our own art galleries are able to work with an interested person to change the image or grant permission once the image is altered and accepted. So many fine details need to be managed with art. So, without further ado, my art gallery is....

Mary Deal Fine Art

Writing resources come with different offerings. We will be posting the best that we find including additional references and writing competitions. Check back often.

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