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Articles about writing will appear and rotate in the Articles section to help smooth out the rough spots in your writing. Should you have any topic you would like to see written about and appear here, or should you have a question about which I can write an article to help solve your writing problem, please do not hesitate to contact me on the Contact Me page. If I do not have an article to post, I will write a response article for you. Should you participate in this type of article exchange, with your permission, I may use your name and place a link to one of your books with cover art on the particular article page. Please note that any article you submit must be free of any copyright protection by other publishers. You must hold all rights.


Since this site name, Write Any Genre, deals with writing in any genre, writers of all genres will find bits of advice to help them with writing the prose. I am a multi-genre author, so you'll find books and information in each of the genres in which I publish.

We strive to present a great deal of information in few pages. Each of my books will have its own pages containing book cover, video, synopsis, and maybe a chapter excerpt. Placing a book cover here adds a bit of art to the page. So this Site Index can lead you to various sections, as can the Navigation Bar listed on the left margin.

If you wish to see all my books together, as well as those to which I've contributed, check my Author page here:

Enjoy your stay. This is a site, not only for the promotion of my books and writing, but containing information to help others in some aspect of his or her writing. I hope you find this site a great asset in your trek through the writing and publishing arena.

Please write us from our Contact Me page and let us know any concerns you may have. That includes any questions you may have pertaining to your writing experiences.

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