Sea Stories
Legacy of the Tropics

Sea Stories Have Always Fascinated Me

Yet, I thought I'd never write sea stories due to my lack of knowledge of the sea. But I have lived on or vacationed on islands, both in the Caribbean and the Hawaiian Islands. I had started to write a novel in the late 1960s in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, that manuscript still lies in wait. Having lived on these islands and spent much time in the sea, I realized I had enough material to write some stories. As my writing progressed, what I didn’t know was easy enough to research.

Legacy of the Tropics

(Sea Stories)

by Mary Deal

I first wrote two individual novellas with material taken from much of my life and adventures. Then I realized if I would disregard writing guidelines about novellas (more on that in a minute), and if I could write one more story to tie the first two together, I would have an adventure novel of sorts, a sea adventure novel.

Solving Unique Problems in Composition

The two stories had different protagonists. Now it was a matter of how to join them together. The third story combined the lives of the two women. Then I decided to go back and write in snippets of how the two women’s lives crossed. This had to be done without one character usurping the limelight from the other. I managed to pull it off.

 Legacy of the Tropics is comprised of three entwined novellas of sea stories. The women’s lives as well as the story time lines progress through the years. When this book was first published as simply The Tropics, it received rave reviews. Now I have rewritten and drastically dramatized the action and self-published it as Legacy of the Tropics and it’s still getting wonderful reviews. The most recent:

 “Rarely have I read a book which consumed me so completely for the time it took to finish the book. The is a story of two women, one living in Puerto Rico, in love, about to be married when tragedy strikes, and another, living in Kauai whose life is saved by the Honu, turtles in the midst of a rip tide. The two stories are told in separate chapters, then the lives of these two wonderful and determined women mesh. I won't tell you more about the story for to do so would be a spoiler. What I will say is this is a very professionally done book, with a wonderful story line, with wonderful characters, with descriptions of life events which are thrilling, saddening, creative of all the emotional responses you might think to mention. These stories are of love, of loyalty, of loss, of acceptance and continuation even in the face of tremendous obstacles. I give this five star review because it is totally merited in every way. I give it with no reservations, with my hope it will promote this book. A wonderful read." ~~ Berk Rourke (Reviewer)

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The three novellas in Legacy of the Tropics are:

  1. Promises
  2. Adrift
  3. Reunion

 Read more about these sea stories and writing guidelines I used.

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