Character Traits
portrayed in
River Bones
a Mystery/Thriller

Character Traits Should be Unique

Character traits are important when creating story people. Below is a list of the major and minor #characters from my award-winning #thriller, River Bones, Sara Mason Mysteries Book One. Notice that I have given the true life meanings of the names as well as what part they play in the story.

The female #protagonist, needs to be likable and strong, so I chose Sara, which means princess, also daughter of Atlas. Mason means a person who works in stone. In the story, Sara ends up determined, yet a bit reserved, strong. She’s also remodeling a home.


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River Bones

A Mystery / Thriller

(The original Sara Mason story.)

Peruse the rest of the names and their meanings and stations in the story. I saw another writer make these lists and it really made sense to me. Character personalities are important and can start with a name. When it came to naming my female protagonist as I briefly described her above, I certainly wouldn’t list her with a name and meaning like this: Germain Whitman (loud of voice, white haired); now could I?

Character Traits of the Major Players

These are the story people whose character traits standout through the entire story..

  1. Sara May Mason –(princess, daughter of Atlas, works in stone) – Protagonist
  2. Daphine (Daph) Ella Whelan – (victory, beautiful fairy, joyful) – Sara’s friend
  3. Tripp Unwyn – (traveler, unfriendly) – Mental patient
  4. Linette Alden – (little lion, wise friend) – Buck’s wife, Sara’s best friend (FAYE)
  5. Buck Alden – (male deer, wise friend) – Linette’s husband, Sara’s best friend (JIM)
  6. Esmerelda Talbot – (ET) (Emerald, bloodhound) – Former Victorian owner
  7. Johanna Conroy – (persistent, fighter) – Deputy
  8. Xavier Isidoro – (owns new house, gifted ideas) – Deputy
  9. Fredrik Verner – (peaceful ruler, friend/protector) – Nurse
  10. Pierce Newton – (rock, from the farm) – High school friend
  11. Kuan Qiong – (Jade, well-off, fine jade) – Daphine’s daughter
  12. Kuan Ying – (Hawk, well-off, hawk) – Jade’s father. Daphine’s ex-husband
  13. Huxley (Hux) Keane – (from Hugh’s meadow/intelligent, sharp) Sara’s new love

 Minor Characters Have Meaning Too

Some character traits are omitted on a few of the following people simply because I couldn’t find any. And yes, I also look for meanings for minor characters as well when I can locate them. The characters listed below may or may not speak at all in the story, or very little.

  1. Puppies: Choco and Latte – Chocolate brown Pit bull puppies; 1 male, 1 female
  2. Dog:       Mimie la Jolie – (protector, the beautiful) – Black Standard Poodle
  3. Dog:       Lila – Poodle belongs to Representative Poole & Nelda
  4. Quincy Everett Mason – (5th son’s place, stone) – Deceased father
  5. Petra Lou Mason – (rock, stone) – Deceased mother
  6. Starla Gay Mason – (star, stone) – Deceased sister
  7. Zoki Yoshi – (honest, tranquil) Caterer
  8. Luningning (Luni) Rasay – (….) Filipino fisherman, bait/boat shop.
  9. Valeriano (Val) Rasay – (….) Filipino fisherman, bait/boat shop.
  10. Herbert Frayne – (….) Class President ( I made up his last name.)
  11. Iana Underhill – (….) Classmate missing since 1994
  12. Orson Talbot – (bear, bloodhound)  Esmerelda’s dead husband
  13. Jonas – Patient
  14. Woller – artist
  15. Zara and Fred – Linette’s dinner friends.
  16. Demetrio – Esmerelda’s driver
  17. Betty – Esmerelda’s daughter MIA Vietnam
  18. Morgana – Classmate who liked Pierce
  19. Caren Olof York – Rich high school snob
  20. Norwood York – Classmate, Sacramento Police Commissioner
  21. Mrs. Zheng – Pierce’s landlady
  22. Fletcher Grable – Size 16 boots
  23. Xena – Johanna’s lover
  24. Paula Rowe – Body identified
  25. Laura Baines – Body identified
  26. Margot – Esmerelda catered her party when Orson went missing.
  27. Det. Vance – (Female) Questioned Esmerelda

Have Fun With Names

More and more people are paying particular attention to names of characters. To those of us who delve deeply into creating this type of authenticity of our stories, and enjoy doing so, we will be able to spot incorrect names and usages in others’ stories. Yet, to others, this is unimportant. I, however, love the research of it all.

 If you’re interested in naming your story people with character traits apropos to the parts they play, many books can be found with names and their meanings. In certain instances, it's wise to search for baby names, which have their own books. I've used several different publications, but the one I keep going back to is The Writer’s Digest Character Naming Sourcebook, by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Have fun naming your characters.

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