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Book List of Mary Deal's Books for your Enjoyment

This book list is inclusive of my multi-genre books. My list will grow as I publish more and more books to read. Presently below, you'll be introduced to each book with a cover icon and Logline. While the cover icons take you to Amazon, the Titles are links to individual book pages on which I offer video trailers, writing tips, discuss book publishing, book promotion, and over time, the articles section will offer writing tips on just about anything having to do with books, writing and publishing. Enjoy perusing!

My Book List in No Particular Order

This book list contains cover icons that will change over time. I have recently signed with Creativia and they are making all new covers, eventually translating all my books into at least 5 foreign languages, and their promotion is magnificent. At this writing, the first they have republished is my Egyptian suspense novel, The Ka.

The Ka

Archaeologists discover a tomb in Valley of the Queens, Egypt that contains hieroglyphs code with spells and magic that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

River Bones (The Original Sara Mason Story)

A serial killer terrorizes residents among the lush orchards and farmlands of the Sacramento River Delta in California.

The Howling CliffsA Sara Mason Mystery

After participating in an MIA search, Sara nearly loses her life investigating a missing child case in Hawaii. Someone means to keep the cold case cold.

Down to the Needle - A Mystery Thriller

A woman’s long search for her abducted daughter leads to a young woman on Death Row mere months away from lethal injection for a crime she didn’t commit.

Legacy of the Tropics

A trilogy of entwined novellas that shatter the myths of stereotypical islands of paradise.

Off Center in the Attic - Over The Top Short Stories

Humor and nonsense, flights of fantasy into other realms, fright, disgust and disappointment, silliness and wonderment, and the sadness of reality and heartache.

Try My Nonfiction Too

My book list includes nonfiction books to read. This list will grow as well as the fiction section because there is a lot to teach and learn about book publishing. In that regard, should you wish to see anything posted on this site, do not hestitate to contact me to see if i have an article already written to post in the article section. If not, I will write one. Simple as that, to clarify what you need to know.

Write It Right - Tips for Authors - The Big Book

Learn how to polish your work with a collection of extraordinary tips and numerous examples for making your prose leap off the page. 


Life-Changing Techniques Using Self-Hypnosis and Meditation

The human mind is capable of miracles and people are finally opening to that fact. Or maybe they aren’t miracles at all. They only seem that way because for so long powers of the human mind have been denied.

One More Page

To this book list, I must add one more page. It is the Articles page but, of course, does not have its own cover icon. Still, it's a page you might like to go direct to. The articles page will present a rotation of articles about writing. They will appear in no particular order. You may see something about promotion and the next time you look, you see something about adverbs and their usage.

Too, I have many exceptional writer and author friends. when I find an article to publish form one of these people, I will post it here.

If you, as a writer seeking writing tips, have questions you'd like to see article discussing, please don't hesitate to contact me on the Contact Me page.

Thank you for viewing and reading my entire book list. I hope you will click through for the writing tips and to purchase a book or two.

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