Ancient Egypt History
presented in
The KA
an Egyptian Mystery Thriller

Ancient Egypt History Comes to Life in The Ka

Ancient Egypt history is brought to life! I have signed with Creativia and my mystery thriller, The Ka, with its true ancient Egypt history, has been republished! The exciting and mysterious cover art shown here is new. The Ka is available in numerous downloadable formats, paperback and hardcover. Additionally, in time, it will be translated into many other languages.

Ancient Egypt History

presented in

The Ka

A portion of the spirit of the dead

that remains inside the tomb with the mummy.

Ancient Egypt history is accurately portrayed as archaeologists discover a tomb in Valley of the Queens containing hieroglyphs coded with spells and magic that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

California archaeology student Chione Ini-Herit has vivid dreams about the discovery of an opulent tomb. After learning that Chione’s dreams are playing out in Egypt, the founder of the California Institute of Archaeology accepts an offer to examine a mysterious site in Valley of the Queens. When they discover a tomb, things begin to unravel.

 Magical spells encoded into the hieroglyphs on the tomb’s walls transport Chione and her former boyfriend—fellow archaeologist Aaron Ashby—back 3,500 years to ancient Egypt. Even stranger, Aaron and Chione begin to morph into Tutankhamon and Tauret, a Priestess in Pharaoh’s Court after learning that Tauret coded the magical spells into the hieroglyphs to keep her and Pharaoh irrevocably joined in the afterlife.

 Atempting to learn the ancient Egypt history, when other team members speak the spells aloud, they, too, are affected in unfathomable ways by the Ka—the spirit of the entombed person. Chione and Aaron learn that Tauret has conjured powerful spells to provide Tutankhamon with a living heir, and Tauret has chosen them to complete her destiny.

The Video Trailer for the Egyptian Suspense Novel, The Ka 

Please keep in mind, as I said, The Ka  is republished, but the video trailer will contain the former cover art. The story, with its ancient Egypt history, is the same though the whole book, yet has been rewritten, lengthened and dramatized. This depiction of ancient Egypt history, with my threads of modern-day fantasy, has been my best selling book so far. So far. Enjoy!

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An Excerpt from The Ka, with Clues to Ancient Egypt History

NOTE: Let's examine an excerpt from start of the first chapter of The Ka Egyptian mystery thriller. It's all about set up of place, time, and character personality building. In few words, not only is modern-day Egypt portrayed, but but a hint of ancient Egypt history is offered, a sign of what the reader may expect as the story moves along.


“Witch!” Randy Osborne said, as he strode around the room wearing a contemptible smirk. “You’re an out ’n out witch.”

“Your choice of labels defines your ignorance,” Chione said, not backing down from his stare. Witch was his mother’s terminology. He always listened to her. Randy seemed unable to form his own opinions. If pressed, he always quoted his mother.

“Here, here,” Clifford Rawlings said in her support as he threw a fist into the air.

Others in the group expressed mixed reactions, but Chione Ini-Herit had grown emotionally strong enough to withstand Randy’s cruel taunting. Shortly after they met and she learned of interning with him, she decided that anything Randy said would not tear at her equilibrium. Her passive attitude, till now, kept him in line.

NOTE: What you'll see in this brief excerpt of The Ka  is that with so many characters, you cannot, should not, dump all the characters on the reader at one time. They should ease into the story as the action progresses, all the while ancient Egypt history is being revealed. We continue...


This was the first time Chione had a chance to see all the members of the archaeological team together in one room. They were older and, at times, a little intimidating. Her own demeanor was quiet, meditative; maybe passive aggressive, and she sometimes became overwhelmed with their high-spirited personalities. Yet, being allowed to accompany these professionals to the dig site in Egypt was the chance of a lifetime. Presently, she would be happy to sit back and watch the team members goad one another. Information came at her so quickly it numbed her senses. With the whole team together, their voices assaulted her eardrums in round after round of quips and retorts that would send the meek fleeing. Getting to know these people could not wait until they arrived at the dig site when work would proceed at full speed. The only way to get to know them as a team began here. Now.

Aaron Ashby stepped up behind her. “You don’t know the meaning of witch, Randy.” Chione felt Aaron’s hand touch her shoulder, but he removed it right away, minding his manners. “What gives you the right to label anyone?”

“Because she predicted our discovery,” Randy said, “and danger near some small tombs. What did she say… that the bone yard is haunted, and that our find could change history? Ha!” He rocked back on his heels. “Sounds like a typical psychic reading.” He glared at her again. “Even your Egyptian looks spook me. Why don’t you crop that black hair of yours about ear length like the Egyptians used to—?”

“If Chione’s appearance spooks you, Randy,” Kendra Laker said succinctly. “Maybe you need to scrutinize your own image.”

Chione became flustered, and wondered why they stood up for her. She could hold her own in her quiet way. The group seemed too willing in their zeal to pounce on Randy. During the planning stages of the expedition, envy among some of the lesser staff at the California Institute of Archaeology predicted the team would not hold together. It would not be because of the diverse backgrounds of each in the field of archaeology, but due to the clash of personalities and ego opposites.

“Excuse me, Mr. Osborne,” Aaron said. “Any learned archaeologist knows that in Egypt those small tombs are mastabas.”

“And what you so unprofessionally label the bone yard,” Clifford said, “is a necropolis.”

Partial Set Up of Ancient Egyptian History in The Ka

NOTE: While backstory nor ancient Egypt history should dominate in The Ka, which takes place mostly at the dig site in Egypt, some history of the characters should be introduced early to give your readers a sense of what makes these people tick. Ancient Egypt history facts will portray Egyptian people of old as they were and that cannot be changed. But the modern-day characters require careful set up.


Eager anticipation as well as irritability hung heavy in the small conference room at the five-star Re-Harakhty Hotel in Cairo. Jet lag had gripped them all. Despite air conditioning, the crowded conference room was stuffy. The moment for which all had waited was upon them. The small group of colleagues milled around impatiently waiting the arrival of Dr. Sterling Withers. Before the team made their way south along the Nile to Valley of the Queens, he was to deliver one final briefing on this, the first advantageous opportunity to befall the Institute and that tempted to be the find of a lifetime.

Archaeologist Dr. Sterling Withers inherited a fortune in croplands in the California Central Valley. Yet his interest had never been in what grew from the soil but what lay buried beneath it. He quickly leased out most of the land to crop farmers but retained the residential portion to manifest his lifelong dream of a privately held archaeological institute. The Institute’s monstrous old Victorian main building, with its attendant renovated and new smaller structures that comprised the facility, sat off the main road. Situated on a verdant patch of green acreage, the cluster of buildings was canopied and sheltered from the heat and dust by decades-old shade trees. Perfectly timed, the Institute opened its doors with the New Millennium. Lathrop, California became a bigger dot on the map. After several years of hoping to find a new dig site, the Institute’s exploration team auspiciously happened upon a tomb that had remained sealed for how long, no one yet knew with certainty.

Chione glanced out the window of the top floor hotel conference room and over the resort grounds, replete with monstrous swimming pools and lavish amenities. Though she detested commercialism, just being in Cairo, or anywhere in Egypt, made everything right. Still, she could not shed the luxury fast enough. Something had taken hold of her. She yearned to get to the dig site and down into that hole in the ground.

Off in the distance, clouds of sand blew on air currents. They reminded her how summer lingered in the California Central Valley. The late fall season had not been the traditional mild Indian summer like many others. There was no escape. Everyone suffered. Any place in the world would have offered reprieve from the antagonizing heat, but traveling to the Egyptian desert was not where anyone would seek respite from the sizzle of the California Central Valley. Now that they had finally arrived in Egypt, having to wait to learn last minute details of the project fueled impatience and made tempers flare.

Randy’s snicker brought her thoughts back into the room.

Ancient Egypt history, as well as modern times, is replete with antagonists.

NOTE: As with The Ka, every story needs an antagonist. With so many characters,  including ones from the ancient Egypt history threads, the antagonist need not be a person or one person. It can be two or more characters; it can be a situation that must be overcome. In the case of The Ka, I was told I developed a most unusual antagonist in the character of Randy Osborn.  This thrills me!


Aaron sighed. “You don’t get it, do you, Randy?”

“What’s to get?”

“That’s what makes Chione so gifted. She has no skeletons dancing in her closets.”

“You mean because everyone knows her secrets?”

Chione felt pangs of anger at being taunted by Randy and freely talked about. She harbored no illusions about the condition of her life. She glanced at Kendra with a wry smile. They were aware of the fact that her reproductive organs were underdeveloped leaving her unable to bear children. She did not care who knew and because of that, in her mind, she felt free. One day, Randy would get his comeuppance. Now, she intended to let the scene play out, partly to get to know the team, and because Randy could make a fool of himself without any help from her. Randy’s inclusion in the project deterred any emotional high the team might experience. Intolerance would be tempered by the work.

Tall, muscular Aaron passed a handkerchief over his forehead, then over the back of his neck as he paced at the rear of the room. Finally, he took a chair at the end of the conference table. Chione knew Aaron had to force himself to bite his tongue as he watched the mixture of amused grins and disapproving frowns exchanged among the others. She watched Aaron vent anger as he slashed random crosshatch lines on a notepad. This was not the first time Randy tried to trash another person’s reputation to enhance his own. He was trying to discredit her into losing her place on the team. She lacking a Ph.D. like the others, Randy voiced disbelief at her being chosen to work on the most significant archaeological exploration in recent history.

“The fact that Chione’s so open about her private life,” Bebe Hutton said from across the room, “doesn’t give anyone permission to make a mockery of it.” Bebe’s habit was to remain quiet and observe, saying only enough to quell a situation or incite further interest when needed. She would hold her composure and watch the turning of events.

“You belittle her because she happens to outdistance you in practical intelligence,” Clifford Rawlings said as he stared at Randy with disgust. When the mature and learned Egyptologist Dr. Rawlings spoke, everyone respected and listened, despite frequent lapses into the satirical. To look upon the man offered a view of a person approaching old age with a stately posture and whose clothes were always trendy and fresh. He had gray at his temples and a demeanor sculpted by time. Except when in one of his frequent comical moods. Then it was difficult at best to take him seriously. People said he turned over the management of his Napa Valley winery to a management team because he did not need the bottle to enhance his humor. In reality, the winery was only a tax shelter.

“I agree,” Kendra said. The natural sparkle of her green eyes teased. “Chione does have a special sense of intuition.” Kendra’s wiry energy resonated on every word, driving a point home.


“Leave it alone, Randy,” Clifford said.

Randy stood supported with a hand on the back of a chair, flagging a leg back and forth as if his underwear might be caught in the wrong place. Then he lifted the leg a couple of times in a last ditch effort to end his discomfort. His personal habits were reason for a good snicker among the team, who could politely ridicule one another, then laugh. At times, criticism from any of them seemed in jest, a way this group of high-strung colleagues dealt with stress. At other times, Randy’s behavior was repulsive. He seemed to take great comfort in eating all the time and, thanks to his mother packing his lunch, he always had an ample supply of food nearby to pick at. His continual weight gain and lack of personal hygiene turned people off. He always looked sweaty and wrinkled, with matted hair. No one relished the idea of sharing a tent with him in the heat of the desert. Finally, he reached behind himself and gave the seat of his pants a tug. Not the kind of professional posture one would expect from a Physical Anthropologist who worked with genetics and biochemistry.


That, my reader and viewer friends is the opening of my novel,The Ka Egyptian mystery thriller with much more about ancient Egypt history to come.  After all, you get to open and empty a newly discovered tomb. Along with the discoveries you'll learn the secrets of the artifacts, hieroglyphs and people of the time period. I hope you enjoyed this excerpt and will consider purchasing the book and maybe even writing a nice review. If you wish to discuss The Ka or even ancient history, please don't hesitate to write me on the Contact Me page here.

If you've read this far, the ancient Egypt history, as well as the story line of The Ka must hold some fascination for you. I spent four years research 3500 years of Egyptian dynasties to find the proper niche in which to weave my threads of fantasy. I spent four years writing and rewriting the story till I got it right. All of the historical fact in The Ka Egyptian mystery thriller are true and accurate... all except the exciting story threads I have woven into true history to make the story plausible.

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