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This writing contest page is where we offer our competitions. We are now conjuring the next competition. Check back often. In the mean time, read about our last exciting offer below. Then considering entering some of our competitions.

The information below under Writing Contest History provides a glimpse of our most recent contest. We will have others.

UPDATE: Since this competition ran, not only are both Volumes I and II of Write It Right - Tips for Authors publishing and doing well on smashwords, both volumes have been combined into The Big Book with much more information, tips and examples. The Big Book is in paperback and eBook, for sale on amazon.com.

Write It Right - Tips for Authors -

The Big Book

Writing Contest History

The below competition is closed. We have chosen exceptional articles from popular writers to be included in the book. Write It Right - Tips for Authors, Volume II which is now published. Another page will be established to announce the winners information.

An author being included in a self-help book about this craft would provide all a lot of promotion and publicity for all. How-to books are some of the most popular in the writers’ reference category. Competitions are ways authors can be included.

While Volume I of Write it Right – Tips for Authors is packed full of advice, the volume is brief. Volume II includes many more exciting articles written to date. It also includes a few short stories, the complete Chapter 1 of Down to the Needle, anecdotes and quotes as examples of what is being discussed. I've also invited other authors to submit an article and those are included.

Volume I had been on Amazon's Top 100 list off and on since it was published. (Now available only on smashwords.com.) Readers have commented on the fantastic writing help and cross-referencing the first volume contained, like where to find more information, who said what, books to read, websites links, etc.

If you liked Volume I of my self help books, you may be stunned by the MEGA-Volume II. I’m hoping this book will turn out to be one of the best in the how-to books category.

Another Update:

Volume II was published on January 2, 2013 on both Smashwords and Amazon. Both Volumes I and II immediately went onto Amazon's Top 100 list - several times since then. Wow! Both Volumes are available only on smashwords.com now.

Like all of my self-published books, Write it Right - Tips for Authors, Volume II will not cost both arms and a leg.


This has a fun project, and you, an author, may have already written something that fits my future books. If I decide to put out another call for submissions, I would hope to hear from many authors once again.

Writing competitions are fun and can promote you widely.

Everyone can benefit from self-help books.

How to books are hot sellers in any category.

Here are Volumes I and II:

Write It Right - Tips for Authors

Volumes I and II

For those authors included in the book, I have completed some great promotion as part of my thanks. These writers have allowed me not only to publish their information with links to their sites, but to use their Biographies in the teaching of writing them. The page Character Reference displays all that.

I am well-pleased with the turnout for this submission call, not to mention thankful that authors have enough faith in my work to be a part of it.

A good writing contest can greatly help authors.

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