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My eBooks relating to book writing format and solving problems when polishing your prose is here!

The articles in these books are creative writing prompts in and of themselves. You’ll be producing descriptive writing before you know it.

All types of help can be found in both Volume I, 2nd Edition and Volume II. Just look at the information to be had in the complete  Table of Contents below.

My Self Help Books - For You

Write It Right - Tips for Authors, Volume I was nominated for inclusion in Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards competition.

Write It Right - Tips for Authors

Volume I, 2nd Edition

Write It Right - Tips for Authors

Volume II

Now you can read many, many articles on writing in these two self help books in eBook format available at

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In Volume I, 2nd Edition alone,

this is the entire...

Table of Contents

About This Book

Section 1: Preparation

The First Time Writer
9 Tips for Beginners
Sleep and Creativity
Writing in the Dark
Creative Writing Prompts
File of Notes
Writing Rules
Story: The Hawaii Muumuu, a Writing Aid

Section 2: Things to Know to Help You Write

Plot or Character Driven
Plot Elements
Parts of a Story
Voice in Writing
Choosing the Point of View
Outlining a Story
Character Sketches
Breaking Stereotypes
Character Arc
Faces and Quirks
Clichés and Jargon
Know Your Genre
Naming Characters
Author Intrusion
Story: Grandpappy’s Cows

Section 3: Getting it Written

Starting your Story
Sentence Structure
Building a Story
Let the Dialogue Speak
Dig Deep for Plot Remedies
Drop the Words
Emotional Release through Character Conflicts
False Sense
Forensic Evidence in Plots
Reader Empathy
Repetition Offends your Reader
Taking Liberties
Talk Uppity
Talk the Talk
When I’m Stuck
Words and Sounds
Those S and ES Endings
Scene Changes
From Novella to Novel
Story: Any Way you Distort It

Section 4: Edit and Edit Again… and Again

Get Away from Your Story
Never an End
When Editing Backfires
River Boners
Hidden Grammar Flaws
Let Nothing Slip By
Dead Words
Story: The Editor

Section 5: Soliciting Agents, Editors or Publishers

About Copyrights
Preparing the Manuscript for an Agent
Choosing a Publisher
Follow those Guidelines
Designing Book Covers

Section 6: The Business of Promotion

Amazon Rankings
What’s Your Book About?
Writer’s Self-Esteem
Your Public Persona

Section 7: Some Final Thoughts

A Second Volume
About the Author


You can now access the entire Table of Contents for Volume II of these self help books. Don't miss it!

These how to books and self help books contain mostly information about problem areas of composition that we discover as we produce our prose; little glitches that make us wonder if we’re saying things the right way, using descriptive writing or getting our point across. They slow us down till we can learn the best ways to write.

Once we know how to handle these little problem areas, writing is smoother and quicker.

Also included in these self help books are articles about preparing submissions and publishing. However, the second volume, while having more of these informative articles about writing, focuses on preparing for publishing, advertising and promotion and other information that it takes to make your writing a success in the marketplace.

Both of the above small eBooks have been combined into one huge paperback and eBook with so much more added.

Write It Right - Tips for Authors -

The Big Book


Watch the video trailer for Write it Right - Tips for Authors - The Big Book in my Video Theater.

(A video for Volume I is also in the Video Theater, but since these books have graduated, that video will soon be removed.)

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Self help books and how-to books garner some great reviews. Review writing is taught on this site our pages The Tropics Book Reviews, The Ka Reviews, River Bones Reviews, and Down to the Needle Reviews.

A partial statement taken from another author's review:

"This book is a treasure chest full of gold nuggets. It exceeded my expectations...."

That fantastic review was given by:

Gary Val Tenuta, author of...

The Ezekiel Code

The two spectacular pre-publication reviews received were:

"...Matter-of-fact style..."

“Mary Deal’s articles first appeared in Mississippi Crow in 2006. Reader response was so good, that we invited Mary to send us more. Soon she was being featured in every issue. It wasn’t a quantum leap for us at that point, to bring Mary on board as an associate editor. Her articles are especially good for writers looking to learn more about storyline and character development, and even solving grammar and composition problems.

"Mary’s matter-of-fact style, seasoned with an occasional pinch of humor, gets to the meat of the subject without wasting the reader’s time--and in today’s busy world, this is a big plus.”

~ Nadia Giordana is the founding editor of Mississippi Crow, a literary and arts magazine dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging and up and coming writers, poets and artists. She is the author of the award-winning book, Thinking Skinny from Cloud 9 Publishing, and she hosts the BlogTalkRadio program, Interviews with Extraordinary Women. Links to each of these can be found at Nadia’s blog,

If your self help books and how to books can help others, they stand a chance of receiving some great reviews. Here's another:

"Mary Knows her Stuff"

“Mary Deal has been a regular contributor to my website,, for a very long time. Her writing articles have been a weekly feature on my blog, and my readers have warmly embraced them for their insightful tips about the craft. Between Mary’s articles and my weekly author guest-bloggers, people keep coming back for more. Her tips are a wonderful addition to my thriller genre focused website, but her advice and counsel are applicable across the spectrum of writing…all genres and sub-genres.

“Mary knows her stuff, and I personally have learned so much from her. (Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?) When she told me she was compiling her articles for a book, I knew she had a winning idea. While her advice for authors appears in scattered posts on my blog, having them all available in one place – this book – makes for a wonderful reference resource.

“What I enjoy the most about Mary’s articles is how straightforward she is in presenting information. She doesn’t mince words (a tip in and of itself), rather, she delivers short-cropped, to-the-point guidance. And very often she does it with a great sense of humor! There’s something for everyone: cliché avoidance, point of view adherence, repetition, rejection… you name it. Each article is easy to read, register, remember and render into practice. Enjoy this book. Learn from it. Apply the lessons herein. Mary will make you a better writer, and put a smile on your face along the way.”

~ Mike Angley, Special Agent (USAF, ret), Colonel (USAF, ret). Award-winning Author of the Child Finder Trilogy,

Finally, Volume II is published and on this site. You will want it as a companion to this Volume I. Together, they provide tips for authors of both short and book-length prose.

Let these articles be creative writing prompts. Let them guide you in proper book writing format. Step up to writing… great writing. How to books and self help books are invaluable references for descriptive writing when you need it.

This incredibly inexpensive eBook is available for nearly every type of eReader on the market today.

Read the first 50% of these books here:

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