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Teaching Writing

Teaching writing skills is offered throughout these pages by me, Mary Deal, and focuses specifically on one particular aspect of the traditional approach to teaching the craft. That is, learning by example.

Many explanatory articles and other information to begin or to improve skills are posted as our way of teaching writing.

Stories and other prose are analyzed.

Those aided in learning to create prose by reading stories produced by others will benefit from the examples presented here.

Whether it is the Classics, the present day bestseller, instructional how-to books, or anything in print or on the Internet, most people are inspired by example.

    Ever since I began studying, learning, and seriously producing multi-genre stories and other prose, friends who also wrote asking myriad questions.

    What they wanted were examples to which they might compare their own creative styles.

Numerous samples, along with answers to specific creativity concerns are readily available on each page through the stories, articles, letters, and advice posted here.

You may even learn about conjuring tall tales!

Much of the material posted for teaching writing will be my own, or from people who have given me permission to use prose they've created.

    You will learn how to compose each of these, and enter contests, along with all the correspondence, submissions information, and anything that goes along with submitting your finished work for publication.

Other information includes, but is not limited to, tips for conjuring, creating and finishing a story, whether fiction or nonfiction, how to write a character sketch, book writing format, and much, much more.

Write Any Genre is a mega-website and has been called a valuable resource for writers.

That's me. Someone said, "Make sure your picture is on your site too."

Write Any Genre
Teaching Writing
Update Section

My two small eBooks in the Write It Right - Tips for Authors series have been combined into one exciting paperback, aptly titled: Write It Right - Tips For Authors - The Big Book. Find it in the nonfiction section, it being a reference manual for all writers.

My Books:

My novels, collections and nonfiction thus far, from the first publication to the latest, are:

The Tropics, adventure/suspense (out of print and republished. See below.)

The Ka, a paranormal Egyptian suspense

River Bones, the original Sara Mason Mystery, an award-winning thriller (1st sequel now also published)

Down to the Needle, an incredibly heart-wrenching twisted thriller

Legacy of the Tropics, adventure/suspense (The re-write, expansion and dramatization of The Tropics.

Write It Right - Tips for Authors, Volume I, 2nd Edition, a writer's reference; teaching writing through descriptive articles and examples.

Off Center in the Attic - Over the Top Stories, a collection of 30 twisted short stories and flash fiction. A 2nd volume is being prepared.

The Howling Cliffs - A Sarah Mason Mystery, 1st sequel to River Bones.


The Howling Cliffs has been completely rewritten and expanded from 79,500 words to nearly 87,000. And it's on sale!

Write It Right - Tips for Authors, Volume II, a 2nd writers' reference with twice the material, all new articles, and contributing authors as well; again, teaching writing through explanatory articles and numerous examples.

Write It Right - Tips for Authors - The Big Book - in paperback - combines both of the smaller Write It Right eBooks is published.

Video Trailers for all my books are available here in my Video Theater to give you an enticing glimpse into each story.

Read about my exciting Live Interview on Blog Talk Radio in the Media Room.

Read about my Pushcart Prize nomination on the Writing Biographies page.


Included is easy-to-understand guidance for stages of development for each sample of prose presented. You will learn by example. Some of the topics are:

Chapters: Read whole chapters from each of my books. analyzing how chapters are put together is a valued way of teaching writing.

Articles: Read, then examine your own prose with the help of numerous instructional articles about the craft.

Stories: Short stories, flash fiction, novellas, novels and nonfiction. Understand their composition. Outlines and Synopses covered here.

Poetry: How to express your feelings and opinions in verse. Haiku, Senryu and Haibun are included too.

Letters, Eulogies, and More: Letter formats, cover and query letters, thank you letters, and others. Compose a Eulogy to share your feelings at a memorial service, or compose a tribute in a format meant for printed publication.

Publishing Alternatives and Marketing: Several viable methods now exist to help you become a published author. What you say about yourself and your abilities in Resumes and Media Kits should attract publicity and readers to your projects.

Biographies: Create your own professional Biography. For teaching writing these, several samples provided.

Contests: When offered, most will be in conjunction with elements from my books; as in the past, the prizes stunning! Also, links to other reputable contests.


Below are listed the portals to a variety of information in this career field, one or all of which you may wish to study as you strengthen your prose.

Write Any Genre Blog - Exciting snippits of information and announcements about Write Any Genre on-site changes and additions. Important news in the broader field of writing and publishing. Links to related sites.

Site Index - A Site Index leading to every page on this site. Frequently updated as new pages are added.

A Writing Prompt and Other Ideas - A writing prompt can jump-start your writing career. How I found inspiration. My novels analyzed.

Step Up to Writing - Step up to Writing and Reading eBooks. All my books are now in eBook format.

Writing a Summary - Learning steps to writing a summary and journal writing techniques can be the beginnings of a great nonfiction piece.

Book Trailers - Book Trailers for all my books in one Video Theatre.

Book Promotion - Media Room - Book promotion and author publicity is how you build your brand.

Story Writing Tips Short Stories - Story writing tips are analyzed with tips for short story writing and creating character sketches in those stories.

Writing Tall Tales in Short Form - Step up to writing tall tales in 500 to 1,000 words or fewer. Try this with nonfiction too!

Writing Poetry - Learn about writing poetry by analyzing various types of poems.

Article Writing Information - Article writing information covering many and varied aspects of writing. Teaching article writing by analyzing articles.

Writing Contests - Writing Contests are fun. Listings will be found here - our contests as well as recommended others.

Biography Writing Format - Biography writing format - unique tips to give you a unique signature.

Interviewing - Interviewing people in the writing industry to get to know them better.

Writing Childrens Stories - Writing childrens stories requires a special mind-set. Learn if you have what it takes to write for children.

Writing a Eulogy or Tribute - Writing a eulogy or writing a tribute needs to be accomplished with sensitivity.

Resume Examples - Resume examples presented to help you in today's tough job market and other occasions.

Letter Writing Format - Letter writing format is easy to learn. Samples posted for various occasions and analyzed.

Writing on the Walls - Writing on the walls can be a metaphor for artistic story telling creativity, and teaching writing too.

Writing Resources - Writing resources to help you smooth out the problem areas in your writing career.

Contact Write Any Genre - Contact Write Any Genre. Email me through this page.

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